Brotherhood Be Aware Of FAA Privatization Initiatives

General Info, Legislation
In the next few weeks or months we could see some of these initiatives become alive again.  It is important to be aware of the details in order to give the good fight!  We need your involvement.  Call your senators and representatives.  As always, never download this items using your goverment issued computer. Check our Library.  We have studies on privatization.
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2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed !!!!

General Info
AFGE Local 200 January 9 at 11:43am · Brothers and Sisters!!! We have a signed contract!!! The conversion should happen in a few weeks. Feel free to email any of the stewards with any questions. Also, the pay band maximums just went up so our many step 10’s shouldn't be maxed out. 2017 CBA - FAA and AFGE Local 200 FINAL SIGNED OFFICIAL
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