Action Needed on Privatization

AFGE Local 200 recommends a phone call to your local representative with the following general narrative:

Currently, the FAA and its employees oversee the most complex and safest airspace in the world.  Privatization will have significant negative impact upon me and my family.  Additionally, privatization puts the safety of the national airspace at risk.

Nothing about privatization improves safety.  Currently, the FAA provides a safe airspace for a record number of travelers.  Privatization turns over control of a complex system to a private entity where safety is only one of many primary concerns.  Please do not support this effort to dismantle the FAA and place me, my family, and the flying public at risk.

My personal impacts are…

To find your local representative and their contact information, please use see our contacts page: or you can use the following link:



Legislative Call to Action!

Right now, Congress is working on the most extreme union-busting, pension-stealing bills we’ve seen yet.

These attacks focus on official time, one of our core union rights that AFGE uses to help employees get fair representation in workplace disputes. Anti-government employee lawmakers are trying to rush through bills that limit our union rights and silence our voice in the workplace.

Here’s what you need to know about H.R. 1364, the Government-wide Anti-Union Representation Bill:

  • It eliminates the use of official time by making it far too difficult for managers and federal employees to successfully work together to address mission-related challenges
  • It revokes our union’s ability to stand up for workers who have been wrongfully fired, disciplined, harassed or intimidated
  • It steals the pension of any worker who exceeds a limited amount of time spent representing employees who have been disciplined, harassed, or intimidated

Disgusting, right? Wait until you hear about H.R. 1259, the VA Anti-Union Representation Bill:

  • This bill specifically targets Title 5 and Title 38 rights at the VA, and takes away all grievance rights for workers facing a removal, demotion or suspension
  • It gives agency officials the power to take back compensation you’ve already earned
  • The bill gives management the upper-hand by radically shortening the time unfairly fired VA workers can prepare their case
  • It limits the time unfairly fired workers can appeal to the MSPB to just 7 days

Here’s what we need you to do right now: Call the union rights hotline 1-855-976-5397 to connect with your lawmaker.

When the Representative’s office answers, tell them this:

“Hello, my name is _____, and I’m a member of the American Federation of Government Employees from [City, State] . Please tell the Representative to vote NO on H.R. 1364, and to vote NO on H.R. 1259. These bills do nothing to improve government. They simply attack my rights at work and my ability to provide for my family. Thank you.”

We must all work together to stop union busting dead in its tracks. Thank you for all that you do.

In solidarity,

P.S. Legislation like this moves fast – are you signed up for our text messages so you can be ready? Text “AFGE” to 225568 from your personal phone (never your government phone) and answer the three questions to subscribe!

FAA Privatization

What We Know:

  • FAA Privatization introduced as legislation in 2016 (co-sponsored by Congressman LoBiondo) – legislation was pulled and replaced with a short-term funding bill .
  • Congress is expected to introduce legislation based upon privatization by 4/1/17.
  • This is not similar to Flight Service Privatization; this is not similar to the Post Office; this is something that has never been done before.

Possible Impacts to You:

  • Expect negative impacts to retirement, benefits and terms of employment.
  • AFGE cannot represent private-sector employees – the impact of this is unclear.
  • Private corporation’s policies and procedures have not been developed, so impacts may be extensive, in the current environment one could expect limitations to bargaining, representation and benefits.
  • It is unclear what happens if your position is not transitioned to the corporation.

What Are We Doing:

  • AFGE Local 200 has been meeting with national representatives and we have formed a Legislative Action Committee to continue efforts to prevent this legislation.
  • Significant research efforts being led on:
    • Legislation and employment/labor laws
    • Impact to employees
    • Impact to WJHTC
    • Impact to the FAA and the FAA’s mission

What Can You Do To Help:

  • Consider becoming a dues-paying member (no more than $15.50 per pay period).  Dues-paying members show our union’s strength.  Reach out to an officer!
  • Consider becoming a Union Steward and assisting with our research and outreach efforts on official time.  At a minimum, be vocal in your opposition!


Brotherhood Be Aware Of FAA Privatization Initiatives

In the next few weeks or months we could see some of these initiatives become alive again.  It is important to be aware of the details in order to give the good fight!  We need your involvement.  Call your senators and representatives.  As always, never download this items using your goverment issued computer.

Check our Library.  We have studies on privatization.