FAA Privatization

What We Know:

  • FAA Privatization introduced as legislation in 2016 (co-sponsored by Congressman LoBiondo) – legislation was pulled and replaced with a short-term funding bill .
  • Congress is expected to introduce legislation based upon privatization by 4/1/17.
  • This is not similar to Flight Service Privatization; this is not similar to the Post Office; this is something that has never been done before.

Possible Impacts to You:

  • Expect negative impacts to retirement, benefits and terms of employment.
  • AFGE cannot represent private-sector employees – the impact of this is unclear.
  • Private corporation’s policies and procedures have not been developed, so impacts may be extensive, in the current environment one could expect limitations to bargaining, representation and benefits.
  • It is unclear what happens if your position is not transitioned to the corporation.

What Are We Doing:

  • AFGE Local 200 has been meeting with national representatives and we have formed a Legislative Action Committee to continue efforts to prevent this legislation.
  • Significant research efforts being led on:
    • Legislation and employment/labor laws
    • Impact to employees
    • Impact to WJHTC
    • Impact to the FAA and the FAA’s mission

What Can You Do To Help:

  • Consider becoming a dues-paying member (no more than $15.50 per pay period).  Dues-paying members show our union’s strength.  Reach out to an officer!
  • Consider becoming a Union Steward and assisting with our research and outreach efforts on official time.  At a minimum, be vocal in your opposition!


Brotherhood Be Aware Of FAA Privatization Initiatives

In the next few weeks or months we could see some of these initiatives become alive again.  It is important to be aware of the details in order to give the good fight!  We need your involvement.  Call your senators and representatives.  As always, never download this items using your goverment issued computer.

Check our Library.  We have studies on privatization.