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Officer Update

AFGE Local Officers conducted a meeting today to discuss the short-term plan for executive officer positions.  Mike Torrence has been appointed Vice President effective immediately.  He will continue to act as Chief Steward (with the assistance of Daphne Atwood).  Elections will be announced in the new year to address permanent positions on the executive board. …

Officer Information

As you should have seen in email, Ron has taken a detail outside our bargaining unit.  In accordance with the local by-laws, Gary Baca (VP) assumes the role of President.  The executive board met last week (Gary Baca, Lori Connell, Daphne Atwood and Mike Torrence) to discuss options both temporary and long-term.  There is an …

Continued Action Needed

Please continue to contact your representatives, efforts are still underway to push privatization.

FAA Privatization

What We Know: FAA Privatization introduced as legislation in 2016 (co-sponsored by Congressman LoBiondo) – legislation was pulled and replaced with a short-term funding bill . Congress is expected to introduce legislation based upon privatization by 4/1/17. This is not similar to Flight Service Privatization; this is not similar to the Post Office; this is …