Legislation to Privatize the FAA Cancelled

AFGE Local 200 confirmed media reports that pending FAA Privatization Legislation has been cancelled! This news could not be more welcome! The careers of everyone in AFGE Local 200 were at risk under the proposal.

Here is part of House Transportation Chairman Schuster’s official statement:

Despite an unprecedented level of support for this legislation – from bipartisan lawmakers, industry, and conservative groups and labor groups alike – some of my own colleagues refused to support shrinking the federal government by 35,000 employees, cutting taxes, and stopping wasteful spending.

Although our air traffic control reform provisions did not reach the obvious level of support needed to pass Congress, I intend to work with Senator Thune and move forward with a reauthorization bill to provide long-term stability for the FAA.

To set the record straight on that statement, 7 of 8 FAA Unions filed heavy opposition to Privatization, largely spearheaded by AFGE Local 200.

As far as the last part of the statement on FAA Reauthorization, we have learned from House Democrats on the Aviation Subcommittee that not only is Privatization dead, but they believe a short term Reauthorization passed in the coming weeks will take us through this fiscal year.  They stated that Chairman Schuster was quoted as believing a long term Reauthorization will likely be passed in August/September.  AFGE Local 200 believes this will be in line with past authorization policy and funding levels.

As far as the ongoing fight to protect our employee’s rights, pay and benefits, AFGE Local 200, our National Union, the AFL-CIO and others will monitor and oppose all efforts to degrade your careers and conditions of employment. We urge you keep your eyes and ears open and bring to the Union any concerns about legislation, DOT policies and/or FAA policies to our attention.  And consider assisting us as Stewards or in some other capacity.

In Solidarity,

The Officers of AFGE Local 200