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Budget Opposition

Attached is a letter template regarding opposition to the proposed budget.  Please reach out to your local representative by either mailing or faxing this letter of opposition (after filling it out with your information). If you choose to call, please use the letter as a script for talking points. Budget LTE Template

Call to Action! Proposed Legislation!

If you are in Congressman LoBiondo’s district, we encourage you to reach out to him (as Chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee) to encourage him to support (possibly co-sponsor) the proposed HR 2800. For general information about HR 2800:

Action Needed on Privatization

AFGE Local 200 recommends a phone call to your local representative with the following general narrative: Currently, the FAA and its employees oversee the most complex and safest airspace in the world.  Privatization will have significant negative impact upon me and my family.  Additionally, privatization puts the safety of the national airspace at risk. Nothing …

Legislative Call to Action!

Right now, Congress is working on the most extreme union-busting, pension-stealing bills we’ve seen yet. These attacks focus on official time, one of our core union rights that AFGE uses to help employees get fair representation in workplace disputes. Anti-government employee lawmakers are trying to rush through bills that limit our union rights and silence …

FAA Privatization

What We Know: FAA Privatization introduced as legislation in 2016 (co-sponsored by Congressman LoBiondo) – legislation was pulled and replaced with a short-term funding bill . Congress is expected to introduce legislation based upon privatization by 4/1/17. This is not similar to Flight Service Privatization; this is not similar to the Post Office; this is …