Legislative Update from National

As of today, we have made a total of 39,182 patch through calls to the Hill on the budget. That is an increase 9,748 calls in one week! Great job! We are now only about 20,000 to our goal of 60,000 calls. We can reach this goal and we need to do it this week.

The Senate passed their budget last week. As some of you may already know the House and Senate GOP leadership may elect to skip the budget conference and just bring the Senate budget to the floor. So this may be our last week to influence the final budget. Please do all you can to generate more calls and let’s hit our goal to protect our members’ pay, retirement, and healthcare.

This week we should be focused on the House of Representatives. When speaking with congressional staff, the ask is to not accept any final budget that cuts federal employee compensation. Again, we want people to call both the DC and District lines and be transferred to their Representative.

  • D.C. Budget Patch through line: 1-844-669-5146
  • District Budget Patch through line: 1-888-775-3148

Legislative Update: Budget (From AFGE National)

The GOP Senate FY 2018 Budget passed. No additional amendments to cut federal employee pay, benefits or rights received votes after the two Paul amendments were defeated. Close to 500 amendments were offered. We will continue or lobbying efforts to have the House recede to the Senate language in conference, and continue to lobby the House leadership to remove the reconciliation instructions to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Call to Action on Privatization!

It’s real and it’s happening now (and quickly).  We need your action now:

The Press of Atlantic City published a commentary piece in the Opinion section yesterday from our local Congressman.

Congress released the updated “21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act” (AIRR Act). This bill calls for the Privatization of the FAA.

What we need you to do is call (888) 775-3148. After the message, you will be prompted to contact your local representative. Please use this method to reach out (call multiple times to reach multiple representatives!). This allows us to track the action and hold the representative accountable to engaging their constituents.

Budget Opposition

Attached is a letter template regarding opposition to the proposed budget.  Please reach out to your local representative by either mailing or faxing this letter of opposition (after filling it out with your information).

If you choose to call, please use the letter as a script for talking points.

Budget LTE Template